angoraAngora Co. Ltd is established as a small family company in 1998. From the  begining, angora has consantrated on local sources which may be used in feed  and feeding.

In 2002, angora ltc. Co, decided to invest in production of dehydrated brewery yeast, with help and contrubition of Anadolu Efes Group who is the main brewery in Turkey. First time in Turkey,  wet brewery yeast which is a by product from brewery, is processed, dried and packed as  dehydrated brewery yeast.

From then today, Angora ltd.co became the leader producer and marketing for dehydrated brewers yeast for feeding fish, dairy, pet, horse, chicken etc.

At the present, two production facilitis one in Ankara and the other in İzmir are producing dehydrated brewers yeast for world market in 25 kg bags and 1000 kg big bags.

Phone +90 312 2417357 & +90 532 2717901 Email info@angoravet.com

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